Well, a new day is dawning, folks. And it’s time to throw a new image in there, as well.

[SIDENOTE: I spent a good deal of time searching for a new theme for my blog. I soon realized that I will never pull off anything with the words, “edgy” or “classic” in the description. So here’s something.]

My life seems to rapidly change from day to day, month to month, and I’m confident that one day there will be a movie made about me. (I hope Zooey Deschanel plays me.)

As some of you may know, this blog was used for homesick hysteria, rambling ruminations, and, let’s be honest, a lot of nonsense. I hope it was amusing.

But my leaf has been turned, and many more leaves since. It’s still the same brain (for better or for worse), just not in the same place. (That sounds like my brain has quietly retreated to my stomach. Which would explain a lot, actually.)

So, the purpose of me renewing my blog is for me to keep those interested updated in my new Adventures, for I am on the verge of another new life.

Welcome, to my life.

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