The Party Cont. in Little India

This summer I have been granted the opportunity to work once again with people from the Indian culture. This time, however, it’s a little closer to home!

I will be closer to my Beebee!



With help through the South Asian Friendship Center located in Chicago, I will be working with Indian Christians in the neighborhood of Little India to help fulfill the requirements for my ethnomusicology internship. In addition to my excitement about working with Indian culture once more, I have two words: chicken biryani, baby. (“Baby” obviously doesn’t count as a real word in this situation.)

I will primarily be working on contextualizing worship and liturgy so that Indian Christians will be able to minister better in their Hindu community. From sitar learning to interviewing tabla players, transcribing Hindu chants to researching the role of the epic within the Hindu culture, I will be kept very busy and very happy! (Much like a large, fat, fuzzy bumblebee.)

Like this guy. © Claire Mowforth

However, to make any of this worthwhile I will need the support and blessing of God! I have put this up to inform you, but also because I wish that you would pray for me daily and possibly help support me.

I wish that you would also pray for those in Little India, people who follow God and people who are living in darkness.

I wish you would pray that I would learn about culture and God.

I wish that you would pray that I would be provided for this summer, including a bike I can ride here in Chicago. (Because who has the money to high-roll it on the CTA?)

I wish that you would pray that I would raise $1200. Like in one month.

I wish that you would praise God for this opportunity for me, and for how he has already begun to answer my prayers! (In an answer to prayer I have found a place to live near Little India for part of the summer, thanks to the hospitality of a family from my church!)

This also means that I will be living in Chicago for part of the time!! So if you want to party… I can’t because I’ll be too busy having fun!

Look at me frolic © Claire Mowforth

Just kidding. I would really like to see you all, meet with you all, and pray with you all! Let me know if you are in town and free to do things.

Check back here for occasional updates, get ready for spring cleaning, and soak up some vitamin D!!