So after I was kindly told that there was “no room for me at the inn”, I went out and had a cow in a barn. Figuratively, of course.

Fine then. If AlmaMater* wasn’t going to have me, I was going to do something wild, crazy, and unbelievably awesome. I did a DTS with YWAM.

Three months training in Idaho, three months outreach in India. It was definitely wild, crazy, and often unbelievable. I got sick 8 times, gained 15lbs, and saw the Holy Spirit move in power that I never knew existed.

Oh, the stories I could tell. You can ask me sometime. If you have nothing else to say, and conversation is lagging awkwardly, go ahead. Ask me about the rikshaw rides and the sights I saw.

My Indian reminisces are here.

*Name of school changed to protect its identity. Also I’m just big into nicknames, has anyone noticed?


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