Hattie Goes to Greece

Are you sick of me yet!?!??!?! I CAN’T HEAR YOU.

The time has come to prepare to fly once more. Join me as I fitfully post about what I’ve been doing in preparation.

Here is a PDF (Pretentious Discus Friend? Protective Dish French?) of what I’ve been working on, to sate your “turrible curiosity” and perhaps garner emotional, spiritual, and financial support:

Read this and weep tears of joy, my friends.

The Moody Symphonic Band is going on tour to Greece in March! It’s crazy, I know. But don’t worry too much, because I plan on watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” every day in preparation. Here, give me any word and I’ll show you how it comes from Greek. (Ok, that actually sounds like all the upperclassmen here at Moody.)

I’m excited about going overseas to be performing and doing ministry, but I’m rather nervous about the unknowns: money, vittles, how bad my tendinitis will be, and my disappointment if I don’t get to see a satyr dancing about the countryside.

Greece is where the creatures of old sleep! The Titans lay quietly below, the dryads bring life to the trees, and the stars tell the stories of heroes and monsters. T’will be an adventure.

I've had one friend for all of my Moody time: Kowoon

I’ve had one friend for all of my Moody time: Kowoon


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