Internship Now

Please note that I had planned on writing a post that would give more information and amusement several days ago, to allow readers to digest my fantastic authorship and love me obsessively and of course pray for my indomitable pride.

However, since my laziness and inaccurate planning measures have thoroughly bulldozed the happy, organized ideals for my life, I shall just hurriedly jot down relevant bits.

I just got back from a rushed escapade through the plains of Nebraska and under the expansive blue skies full of shapely and wondrous clouds! Let me tell you, the Clouds of the Plains are a gallant and majestic species, floating quietly above the inconsequential heads of the fragile and tiny humans, unamused by our own dramatic fits of passion and nonsense.

But enough about the undulating Nebraskan Clouds.

It was lovely to spend time with family. To see how people grow from small children into competent young adults is the most fascinating of all, and I don’t think I shall ever tire of seeing that transformation happen.

In regards to preparations and instead of attempting to plan ahead, I’ve decided to live in the moment. I think this means that when the moment arrives where I’ve discovered that I haven’t packed enough socks, I will just sit and live there for a bit. Then I will call my mother.

In the meantime I’ve been home alone, scrounging about for coffee. I have drunk copious amounts of lattes and espressos and other black, bitter fluids this week, and despite the headaches they cause my rattling skull, I have discovered that I’m vaguely in love. A rosy mist has fogged up my eyes, and my saddest disappointment is that I’ve never learned how to make coffee. This deficiency has turned me into a scavenger, pouncing upon new batches made by more competent family members, finishing ounces left in last night’s mugs,  and rushing downstairs after my family has gone to work to peer frantically into the coffeemaker to find if the Coffee gods have smiled benevolently upon my pounding head. I think it will be a short-lived fad, though.

My arms are not as excited about things as I am, and have taken to grumbling and throbbing whenever they feel like it. And there’s the obligatory health update.

I will now tell you the story of my life’s progress by way of pictures. This is my pack. He’s hiding behind the bass. I haven’t even gotten him out.

That's my pack. Still hiding. I haven't even gotten him out.

This may or may not be a pile of clothes I still don’t want to sort through:


I put a filter on this one to impress you all. And it’s called “lived in”, not “messy”:

I put a filter on this to impress you all. And it's called "lived in", not "messy".

This is due tomorrow. However, since it’s distracting me from doing actual productive things it might not get returned…


So as you can see, I’m moving at a sluggish pace. I expect I will leap into action Friday night as I realize the next day I will need to be prepared for this internship.

I still need to acquire a helmet, as I will be biking around Chicago, but I have no doubts that the nice, sportsy guys at The Quintessential Sports Store will direct me towards a fashion-forward purchase. I’m also terrified of being doored. But if I am I solemnly swear to write something amusing about it.


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